Hair Plane




Fumble of Airplane 

Personality: funny and egocentric

Themes:  trasportation and geography

Fumble words: Air, Plane, Hair

Rain Cow - Fumbleland

Rain Cow



Fumble of Rainbow 

Personality:  slow and lazy

Themes:  farm animals and weather

Fumble words:  Rain, Bow, Cow 

Pea Cup - Fumbles

Pea Cup




Fumble of Tea Cup 

Personality: insolent and outspoken

Themes:  dishes and breakfast

Fumble words:  Tea, Cup, Pea 

Shoe Face - Fumbles

Shoe Face



 Fumble of Shoe Lace

Personality: strict and gruff

Themes:  footwear

Fumble words:  Shoe, Lace, Face


Lemon Fart




Fumble of Lemon Tart 

Personality:  girlish and flimsy

Themes:  snacks and personal hygiene

Fumble words:  Lemon, Tart, Fart

Glue Berry

Glue Berry



Fumble of Blueberry 

Personality: sticky and annoying

Themes:  fruit and colours

Fumble words:  Blue, Berry, Glue

Police Can - Fumbles

Police Can




Fumble of Policeman 

Personality: touchy and inflexible

Themes:  jobs and road safety

Fumble words:  Police, Man, Can

Parking Pot

Parking Pot



Fumble of Parking Lot 

Personality: shy and clumsy

Themes: traffic and road rules

Fumble words:  Parking, Lot, Pot

Nose Book - Fumbles

Nose Book



Fumble of Notebook

Personality:  ipocondriac and irascible

Themes:  facial features and school items 

Fumble words:  Note, Book, Nose

News Caper

News Caper




Fumble of Newspaper 

Personality: egocentric and rowdy

Themes:  news and vegetables

Fumble words:  News, Caper, Paper

Nun Flower - Fumbles

Nun Flower




Fumble of Sunflower  

Personality:  sunny and nostalgic

Theme:  flowers

Fumble words:  Sun, Flower, Nun

Candy Fox



Fumble of Candy Box  

Personality:  charming and snob

Themes:  fashion and candies

Fumble words:  Candy, Box, Fox

Motor Jar - Fumbles

Motor Jar



Fumble of  Motor Car 

Personality: competitive and enterprising

Themes:  cars and cooking utensils

Fumble words:  Motor, Car, Jar

Homefork - Fumble

Home Fork




Fumble of  Homework  

Personality: neurotic and meticulous

Themes:  cleaning and homework

Fumble words:  Home, Work, Fork

Solar Bear -Fumbles

Solar Bear




Fumble of  Polar Bear 

Personality:  relaxed and he loves parties

Themes:  holidays and polar animals

Fumble words:  Polar, Bear, Solar

Pig Pail - Fumbles

Pig Pail




Fumble of Pigtail 

Personality:  greedy and greedy!

Themes:  farm animals and hair

Fumble words:  Pig, Tail, Pail

School Hag

School Hag




Fumble of  School Bag 

Personality: mischievous and funny

Themes:  witches and school supplies

Fumble words:  School, Bag, Hag

Yoga cat -Fumbles

Yoga Cat




Fumble of Yoga Mat 

Personality:  spiritual e thoughful

Themes:  yoga e domestic animals

Fumble words:  Yoga, Mat, Cat

Rain Goat - Fumbles

Rain Goat




Fumble of  Rain Coat 

Personality: curious and obsessive

Themes:  weather and winter clothing

Fumble words:  Rain, Coat, Goat 

Hair Nut

Hair Nut



Fumble of Haircut  

Personality: lively and full of adrenaline

Themes:  nuts and haircuts

Fumble words:  Hair, Cut, Nut

Belly fish

Belly Fish




Fumble of Jellyfish  

Personality:  calm  

Themes:  fish and sea animals

Fumble words:  Jelly, Fish, Belly

Police Pan - Fumbles

Police Pan




Fumble of Policeman

Personality: obtuse and confused

Themes:  police and kitchen ware

Fumble words:  Police, Man, Pan

Rice Cube - Fumbles

Rice Cube




Fumble of Ice Cube  

Personality:  Lunatic and enigmatic

Themes:  Ice and oriental culture

Fumble words:  Ice, Cube, Rice

Pencil Vase

Pencil Vase




Fumble of  Pencil Case 

Personality: organized and hysterical

Themes: school and classroom objects

Fumble words:  Pencil, Case, Vase

Fire Cork

Fire Cork




Fumble of Firecork 

Personality:  goofie

Themes:  parties and bottles

Fumble words:  Fire, Work, Cork

Man Cake - Fumbles

Man Cake




Fumble of  Pancake 

Personality: playful and immature

Themes:  breakfast and cakes

Fumble words:  Pan, Cake, Man

Tear Phone

Tear Phone




Fumble of Earphone  

Personality:  emotional and sentimental

Themes:  emotions and technology

Fumble words:  Ear, Phone, Tear

Calm Tree - Fumbles

Calm Tree



Fumble of Palm Tree 

Personality:  wise but tired

Theme:  vegetation

Fumble words:  Palm, Tree, Calm

Lady Jug

Lady Jug




Fumble of Ladybug  

Personality: happy and giggly

Themes:  insects and containers

Fumble words:  Lady, Bug, Jug

Cutterfly - Fumbles

Cutter Fly




Fumble of  Butterfly  

Personality:  worried and hectic

Themes:  insects

Fumble words:  Butter, Fly, Cutter

Tubway - Fumbles

Tub Way




Fumble of Subway  

Personality:  always in hurry

Themes:  bath and subways

Fumble words:  Sub, Way, Tub 

Fumble bee - fumbles

Fumble Bee




Fumble of Bumble Bee  

Personality:  majestic and dominating

Theme:  insects

Fumble words:  Bumble, Bee, Fumble

Slow Ball - Fumbles

Slow Ball



Fumble of  Snowball 

Personality:  slow and lazy

Themes:  winter and snow

Fumble words:  Snow, Ball, Slow

Fire Hen

Fire Hen



Fumble of Firemen 

Personality:  bossy and inflexible

Theme:  firefighters

Fumble words:  Fire, Men, Hen

Ear Book

Ear Book




Fumble of  Yearbook 

Personality:  grumpy and quarrelsome

Themes:  school life

Fumble words:  Year, Book, Ear

Light mouse - Fumbles

Light Mouse




Fumble of Lighthouse 

Personality:  grerky and hysterical

Theme:  lighthouses

Fumble words:  Light, House, Mouse

Door Rat

Door Rat




Fumble of Door Mat 

Personality:  elegant and touchy

Themes:  forniture and rodents

Fumble words:  Door, Mat, Rat

Plump Cake

Plump Cake




Fumble of Plum Cake 

Personality:  show-off and spoiled

Themes:  ballet

Fumble words:  Plum, Cake , Plump

Teddy Pear

Teddy Pear




Fumble of Teddy  Bear  

Personality:  cuddly and petulant

Themes:  toys and fruit

Fumble words:  Teddy, Pear, Bear

Bed Sheep - Fumbles

Bed Sheep




Fumble of Bed Sheet  

Personality:  snob and insolent

Theme:  books and reading

Fumble words:  Bed, Sheet, Sheep 

Wig Toe - Fumbleland

Wig Toe




Fumble of Big Toe 

Personality:  stubborn and unpleasant

Themes:  body parts and hair

Fumble words:  Big, Toe, Wig

Fool Box - Fumbles

Fool Box




Fumble of  Tool Box  

Personality:  outgoing and a prankster

Themes:  bricolage and home tools

Fumble words:  Tool, Box, Fool

Salt Waiter

Salt Waiter




Fumble of Salt Water 

Personality: professional and irascible

Themes:  sea and restaurants

Fumble words:  Salt, Water, Waiter

Book Stop -Fumbles

Book Stop




Fumble of Book Shop 

Personality:  rigid and obtuse

Themes:  traffic signs

Fumble words:  Book, Shop, Stop

Shy Glass

Shy Glass




Fumble of  Spy Glass 

Personality: shy and introvert

Theme:  adventures

Fumble words:  Spy, Glass, Shy

Rail Toad - Fumbles

Rail Toad




Fumble of  Rail road  

Personality:  bored and strict

Themes:  the train station and amphibian animals

Fumble words:  Rail, Road, Toad

Soft Bell - Fumbleland

Soft Bell




Fumble of  Softball 

Personality:  intrusive and noisy

Theme:  sports 

Fumble words:  Soft, Ball, Bell

Word Fish - Fumbles

Word Fish




Fumble of Sword Fish  

Personality:  calm and repetitive

Theme:  sea animals

Fumble words:  Sword, Word, Fish

Sail Boat - Fumbles

Sail Boat




Fumble of Sail Boat  

Personality:  boaster

Themes:  pirates and boats 

Fumble words:  Sail, Boat, Boot

Paper Chip - Fumbles

Paper Chip




Fumble of Paperclip

Personality:  concieted and superficial

Theme:  fragile things

Fumble words:  Paper, Clip, Chip

Singer Nail - Fumbles

Singer Nail




Fumble of Finger Nail  

Personality:  egocentric and talented

Theme:  hardware and musicals

Fumble words:  Finger, Singer, Nail

Cave Pan - fumbles

Cave Pan




Fumble of Cave Man

Personality:  wild and impulsive

Theme:  prehistory

Fumble words:  Cave, Man, Pan

Shakespear - Fumbles

Shake Spear




Fumble of Shakespear 

Personality:  tribal and surly

Themes: theater and culture

Fumble words:  Shake, Spear , Shakespeare

North Mole - Fumbles

North Mole




Fumble of North Pole  

Personality:  technological and mysterious

Theme:  animals and geography

Fumble words:  North, Pole, Mole

Farm Chair - Fumbles

Farm Chair




Fumble of Arm Chair 

Personality:  rural and busy

Theme:  farms and forniture 

Fumble words:  Arm, Farm, Chair

Egg Smell - Fumbles

Egg Smell




Fumble of Egg Shell  

Personality:  boring and petulant 

Theme:  kitchen items and smell

Fumble words:  Egg, Shell, Smell

Sock Star - Fumbles

Sock Star




Fumble of Rock Star  

Personaliy:  cool 

Theme:  rock music and clothing

Fumble words:  Rock, Sock, Star

Clown Dish - Fumbles

Clown Dish




Fumble of Clownfish  

Personality:  carefree and hungry

Theme:  circus

Fumble words:  Clown, Fish, Dish

Tooth Blush - Fumbles

Tooth Blush




Fumble of Toothbrush   

Personality:  tender and shameful

Theme:  morning routine 

Fumble words:  Tooth, Brush, Blush

Class Broom - Fumbles

Class Broom




Fumble of Classroom   

Personality:  feminine and Romantic

Theme:  Love and housework

Fumble words:  Class, Room, Broom