During COVID-19 emergency, demand for Fumble content increased exponentially due to the great number of Italian families in distress seeking our support. To respond to this sudden need we decided to offer a large amount of free materials and content by creating  an educational program that springs off from the TV series «Fumbleland! Mi è scappato un errore». It allows kids to undertake a true edutainment path, a different fumble activity to be done at home.

Every day JB Productions offers a different fumble activity to do at home: games, videos, songs, make and do, exercises, and tests that involve both children and parents.

An initiative that will remain useful also after the Coronavirus emergency.

Parents can follow the daily program on our social media, or freely view, use and download the didactic materials present on our website any day and at any time.

Teddy Pear

Man Cake

Bed Sheep

Glue Berry

Hair Plane

Salt Waiter

Parking Pot

Belly Fish

Lady Jug